Tomorrows Contact Centre – Survey Results

Posted by: Gordon Rimmer

September 17, 2014

Contact centre managers are facing the same challenges today that they always have, from budget constraints and systems limitations to staffing and customer retention. What is changing, however, is how they respond to those challenges. Controlling costs used to be the prime issue. But today, the customer takes centre-stage, and contact centre managers consistently assert the importance of customer experience over all.

Limitations of some existing systems can impair the customer experience significantly, leaving the contact centre struggling to compete. Tomorrows Contact CentreTomorrows Contact CentreInnovative contact centre managers have responded by developing smartphone apps and integrating video channels into their offering. Doing so means they can offer better service, proactively, through the media and channels that modern consumers genuinely want to use.

But the path to tomorrow’s contact centre won’t be entirely straightforward. Some contact centre managers feel deploying new technology can bring undue disruption and thereby detract from the customer experience; others have doubts about the ability of their existing solution providers to meet the needs of tomorrow’s contact centre.

A really useful piece of work and survey that was conducted by Call Centre Helper and sponsored by Cisco raised some key points:

•Video is finally emerging as an exciting new channel after it was written off 5 years ago – 40% expect to introduce it over the next 2 years
•Achieving a Single view of the Customer is more important than ever
•Web Self-service will allow agents to focus on more complex queries
•Customer Experience was a priority at 54%, but cost reduction was only 23%
•Limitations in Technology is the primary concern at 69% of respondents
•If contact centres had the budget they would invest in agent desktops and a full technology refresh!

Only a third of respondents said they would upgrade their existing platform to get access to new capabilities and functionality. The remainder would perform a full review of the market, with a likely migration to a new platform (on-premise or cloud). Contact Centre Managers are looking for agility in their contact centre technology and to make it easier for customers to engage with the contact centre.

Read the full survey report to find out the fascinating details…. download it here

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