Where Does Your Business Stand In The Evolution Of Contact Centre Technology?

Posted by: Gordon Rimmer

December 23, 2014

Contact centre technology is not a new innovation in the world of business and many of the methods and working practices that were introduced in the 1980s can still be found in a great number of current workplaces in the UK, and around the world. It would be wrong to say that the contact centre has stayed the same though, there has been a great rate of change in the contact centre, and many experts have pointed to there being three different waves of contact centre technology.

It is likely that certain parts of your business communication channels will be spread across the three different waves but if you are keen to communicate with customers in the most effective manner, while providing the highest standard of service, it makes sense to aim to be operating in the third wave as much as you can. The three waves are generally seen as:

  • Wave 1: Cost and Efficiency
  • Wave 2: The Customer Relationship
  • Wave 3: The Complete Experience

The first wave was driven by the need of the business. Improvements in technology enabled firms to communicate with customers in a more effective and affordable manner, and the vast majority of early adopters found that they drastically reduced their customer service costs by utilising contact centre technology. This wave has been in place for decades but clearly the importance of lowering costs and improving efficiency are still alive today.

The second wave, developed in the 1990s, introduced the needs and wants of the customer to the focus that a contact centre had. While there was still a drive to lower costs and operate efficiently, businesses realised that they needed to provide more to their clients. The emergence of self-service contact centre options provided a more efficient way for businesses to operate but this system also provided many customers with an easier way to order or raise issues with a firm.

The third wave has changed the face of contact centre technology

The third wave, developed in the late 2000s, builds on the customer recognition developed in wave two, and actually sees the customer driving progress and improvements. There is a genuine need for businesses to offer a high standard of customer service, with the customer experience being central to the way a firm operates.  This wave has benefitted from considerable improvements in communication technology, creating the platform for customers to demand new ways to engage and connect with a firm.

While modern businesses need to be operating in the third wave, the key benefits of the first and second wave of contact centre technology are still important. At ProtoCall One, we not only offer cost effective and efficient solutions with the customer in mind, we provide firms with an extensive range of communications, ensuring they can provide the most effective customer service package at all times. Any business looking to satisfy their customers in the modern era needs to ensure that they offer a reliable and effective customer experience, which is at the heart of what we offer to firms.

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