Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate, how we work and the expectations of our customers. It demands that we focus our attention on delivering consistent experiences at every interaction across all channels in any network regardless of whether it is controlled by the organisation or not. Navigating this complex environment can be challenging and PC-1 have the skills to help you decide what digital customer management solutions are right for your business.

We have 4 areas of digital focus:

As part of the digital transformation methodology we assess the level of digital maturity and readiness within your organisation and your contact centre and recommend a solution specific to your needs based on the following categories:

Self Service: We help you to define a range of self service solutions across your multiple customer touch points to deliver an integrated digital solution

Multichannel Solutions: We will work with you to assess the right multi-channel experience for your customers focusing on all customer profiles

Internal Operations: We can support you with a range of effective digital tools from digital recruitment & training tools, quality and compliance management applications to enhanced reporting and dashboards to provide better visibility of performance at all levels.

Analytics: In 2013, 90% of the world’s data had been created in the past 2 years and 80% of that is unstructured. Businesses that learn how to analyse and derive business insight from this unstructured data will achieve significant competitive differentiation. We can advise on the right analytics tools depending on your business objectives.


Working with Unilever we are defining the digital customer management strategy across the consumer engagement centre landscape globally. One of the core objectives for digital transformation is to offer brand authenticity and true transparency that is validated with every interaction with Unilever’s consumers. In addition to that we are targeted to define business processes that enable personalised journeys.

We have translated this into a number of practical programs:


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