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Cisco - Top Ways to Improve Contact Center Performance

Recent studies have demonstrated a positive relationship between the implementation of advanced technology in contact centers and increased caller satisfaction. For example, advanced call handling techniques reduce average queue time by anywhere from 12 to 43 percent. Calls per hour per agent improved 6 to 18 percent. And self-service options were shown to increase satisfaction among the least satisfied callers from 39 to 66 percent. In this paper, you will learn more about the ways in which advanced technology is transforming contact center productivity.


Cisco The Three Waves Best Practice Guide

Recent studies have demonstrated a positive relationship between the implementation of advanced technology in contact centres and increased customer satisfaction.


Cisco - The Three Waves - Innovation in the Contact Centre

This white paper, intended for business decision makers, describes the three major waves of innovation experienced in the UK contact centre industry since its inception in the mid 1980’s. Wave 1: Cost and Efficiency, Wave 2: The Customer Relationship, Wave 3: The Complete Experience


Cisco - Top ways to Optimise your Contact Centre Investment

The Dos and Don’ts for Contact Center Transformation! Improving the customer experience to strengthen loyalty is a top goal for global brands1. And because contact centers are typically a once-in-a-decade investment, the stakes are high. Picking the right platform and the right partner is proven to: • Improve customer satisfaction • Lower cost per call • Increase first contact resolution Make the wrong choice, and you risk losing customers and brand equity. This paper outlines what to do (and not do) when transforming your contact center.


Cisco - Contact Centers Provide the Best Customer Experience for Business Success

As contact centres enter their fifth decade of existence, emerging technological, business, and customer experience factors require companies to rethink long-standing assumptions in the era of customer centricity. Key questions that these companies must consider include: ● What is different about the customer experience era? ● What key considerations should we make about our contact centre operations? ● How can we improve the customer experience in our contact centres and throughout our value chain? This white paper, intended for business decision makers, explores these questions and provides guidance on how businesses and organisations can effectively collaborate with their customers in the customer experience era.


Cisco - The Three Waves of Customer Care

This white paper, intended for business decision makers, describes the three major waves of innovation experienced in the customer care industry since its inception in the 1970s: ● Wave 1: Cost and Efficiency ● Wave 2: The Customer Relationship ● Wave 3: The Complete Experience Each of the waves is described in detail - including associated technologies, metrics, and trends - and recommendations are given for how businesses and organizations can take best advantage of the waves to cost-effectively deliver world-class customer care.


Cisco and Forrester - Next-Generation Contact Centers Must Become Relationship Platforms

With the advent of social computing technologies like blogs, online ratings and reviews, wikis, microblogs, and internet-based communities, customers are able to rapidly and widely share their opinions about products and service experiences and wield influence over the reputation of corporate brands more than ever before. Customers now control your brand. Cisco Systems commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the future evolution of the “next-generation” contact center in light of the need to support multimodal customers and keep pace with the changing technology landscape.


Cisco - The Collaboration Imperative

Executive Strategies for Unlocking Your Organisation’s True Potential. Improved collaboration represents the best opportunity for business leaders to tap the full range of talents of their people, move with greater speed and flexibility, and compete to win over the next decade. But building a collaborative organisation requires a transformative approach to culture, processes, and technology - along with an unwavering commitment from top to bottom. Leaders who encourage change on all three fronts will be rewarded with an energised organisation that can adapt quickly to changing markets and deliver results by: ● Fostering a culture that encourages collaborative behaviors ● Putting processes in place to help people work better together ● Assembling a portfolio of integrated technologies that facilitate collaboration.


Genesys - Intelligent Digital Engagement

Would you let 4000 customers a week pass through your store with no customer service agents available to help guide their purchasing decision? An Asia-Pacific insurance company recently reported that they record over 4000 online customer transactions a week with only 20% of these resulting in a purchase. Of the remaining 80% , a small portion may account for lost sales due to comparative browsing, but the majority are, in fact, a hidden opportunity.



The purpose of this white paper is to discuss the challenges retailers are experiencing through disjointed channels, and the critical factors to consider in any solution addressing customer experience in this brave new world.


Genesys - Top 5 ways to enhance CX through your Mobile channel

Customer Experience (CX), satisfaction and loyalty increases when customer effort during critical touchpoints goes down. The best way to reduce effort is by meeting and supporting customers where they are always present. More than ever, that is on their mobile devices. This paper will highlight several important ways to enhance CX through common interactions involving existing and planned mobile applications and websites.


Genesys -Best Practices for Improving Back Office Workforce Efficiency

In today’s highly transparent business environment, good customer service has become a business imperative. A single disgruntled customer on social networks can cause significant damage to your brand, while superior customer service is often a competitive differentiator. According to research, 70% of customers report that they have ended a relationship due to poor customer service and reducing customer effort can have a positive impact.


Genesys - The Blueprint to Contact Centre Modernisation – replacing your ACD

This white paper is intended for executives and decision makers who have already identified the need to move away from their existing closed, proprietary communications infrastructure to a modern, multi-channel Contact Centre featuring an easily integrated, SIP-based approach. This transition from traditional digital switching platforms to an IP-centric solution extends beyond the initial telephony cost savings. The key is to drive greater business value and improve agent productivity, virtualise agent resources, reduce infrastructure costs and – above all – improve the customer experience.


Genesys - Transforming customer experience in the New Digital World

From Twitter and Facebook to YouTube, web chat and smart phone apps, the number of channels consumers can use to communicate with each other and your brand has skyrocketed in the past few years. This proliferation of channels, however, can make it difficult for you to provide effective, cost-efficient customer care.


Genesys - The broadening of contact centres horizons

Too often, companies don’t see their contact centre as a business asset. This problem is compounded for companies who are not on the Fortune 500, who cannot afford large dedicated technical resources for the contact centre, and who do not have multi-year customer service strategies in place. Unfortunately, this means that most companies are not recognising the absolute value of a contact centre. As technology has evolved, contact centres have become valuable assets that drive business performance through their impact on your customers. In this whitepaper, we’ll look at how investing in the right contact centre solution can help transform your enterprise and enhance your business outlook!


Genesys - Bridging the great divide

Best Practices for Integrating Social Media and Customer Service for Bottom Line Results When it comes to social media, does your right hand know what your left hand’s doing? How to avoid a social media nightmare while boosting your bottom line.


Genesys - Mobile Engagement

Genesys Mobile Engagement connects today’s app-driven, mobile consumer to customer service. It enables companies to bring live support and improved customer conversations to today’s mobile application experience...


Genesys Six Essential Capabilities your Workforce Management Solution Ought to be Delivering

Workforce management solutions have come a long way from simply focusing on the core modules of forecasting and scheduling. Now, instead of serving as a simple means of managing agents and other personnel, automated workforce management systems have become essential optimisation enabling tools that contact centres can implement in order to balance operational efficiency with customer satisfaction.


ProtoCall One - Where is the business justification for contact centres to respond to Social Media?

Slowly, but surely, the contact centre world is waking up to the potential of social media, where forward thinking businesses can now understand what customers are saying about them and their brand across social media communities. But one question consistently remains unanswered – what is the business justification for contact centres to divert some of their resources into communicating with these customers over the emerging social media channels. It is the “so what...” question that Paul Weald, Strategy Director tackles head-on.

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Genesys UK and Ireland Partner of the Year 2017

PC-1, recently acquired by Connect Managed Services, has won the prestigious ‘Partner of the Year’ award from Genesys, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions. The award recognises PC-I for demonstrating business excellence and achieving customer satisfaction in delivering its solutions in the UK and Ireland. PC-1 was selected for its deep industry and technology expertise, and its ability to help joint customers realise improved performance.

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