PC-1 Supports MOAT 50:50 Charity in the big freeze

PC-1's Sales Director, Jason Sparks spent a very cold night sleeping out in a cardboard box on the 20th January in support of MOATS charity fund raising for the homeless. Moat Housing Association has challenged itself to raise £50K in its 50 year of operation for the homeless and organised the sleepout to let people experience what it is like to sleep rough in teh cold and raise awareness. Jason has raised over £700 to date from PC-1.

The evening Jason spent out was in Dartford and the volunteer fund raisers were out from 6pm at night on the Friday to 6am the following morning. Jasons bed for the night when we were all curled up was a make shift box with gaffer tape holding it together. Some fire pits in the arly evening helped warm up a few joints but temperatures dropped to -5 degrees and a lot of team spirit was used to keep the minds off just how cold it was......

If anyone would like to donate to teh fundraising appeal feel free to follow the link below:


Well done Jason and PC-1 for supporting this amongst our other charitable work.

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